Explorer Poems
Marco Polo
Venice, Italy is where he was born,
As a child, his mother's death he did mourn.
His father, an explorer brave and bold,
First met his son when he was 15 years old.
He went to Cathay to learn and explore,
He brought back knowledge, riches, and more.
Before the journey came to an end,
Kublai Khan was his friend.
He had a job of a different sort,
As representative of the Imperial Court.
There were explorers like Balboa,
but few were captured by Genoa.
He wrote a book about Cathay,
But he did not write it in a day.
On his travels, he did not go solo,
With his father and uncle went Marco Polo.
Vasco Da Gama
My explorer is Vasco Da Gama
While sailing he didn't find Alabama.
India was his destination,
So he could trade with a new nation.
He was on the seas for many days,
It must have been a maze.
Ponce De Leon
Once upon a time, there was an explorer named Ponce De Leon.
He traveled to Florida and way beyond.
He went to discover the Fountain of Youth,
Just to find it wasn't the truth.
The story continues and it is told,
In Puerto Rico, he found gold.
When he died at forty-seven, he should have gone to heaven.
In the year of 1475, Vasco Nunez De Balboa became alive.
As he grew older, he left Spain's shores to reach the area of Panama where he began to explore.
An Indian told him about a sea on the other side of Panama just might be.
He discovered the Pacific Ocean and made his claim, "Now all of these shores belong to Spain."
In 1519, a great jealousy arose, and then Balboa's head was at his toes.
Amerigo Vespucci
Vespucci was born to explore
A land hardly visited before.
He sailed to a land
With beaches of sand,
He thought it was incredibly grand.
Amerigo was his first name
It traveled to the Hall of Fame.
For he was so famous,
"America" they named us
Because they were almost the same.
After his exploring days,
He was a chief pilot in Spain.
When he retired,
He got very tired,
And finally died of old age.