GLOBE Visitors


        The environment, meeting new people, making connections with science and other academic disciplines, and caring for the world are some pretty heady topics. Yet, eighteen fifth graders spent time on a warm May morning with Larry Ryan and Heba Jabar, both representing GLOBE (Global Learning to Benefit the Environment). They had the added pleasure of learning more about the country of Jordan from Ms. Jabar who encouraged the class to learn more about her country at the GLOBE web site.

       While students in this class have collected atmospheric data in the cold (remember clearing the snow to get to the weather box?) and in torrential downpours as well as in good weather (when it was fun to escape from class work), this was a marvelous opportunity to learn how the data collected can help make a difference in the world. We are also planning to try to connect with students in Jordan to share experiences.

        Special thanks to both GLOBE teachers for another remarkable GLOBE experience. We had a great time and learned

so much. GLOBE continues to enrich our lives. For more information about GLOBE, go to