Ellis Island:

The Immigrant Experience from Ellis Island -
      Family Histories -
      The Peopling of America timeline -

    Ellis Island from the History Channel -

   National Park Service page about Ellis Island - history and museum

   Interactive Tour of Ellis Island from Scholastic -

   Electronic Ellis Island

   Photographic Images from Ellis Island

   The Immigrant Journey -

    Statue of Liberty:

  Paper model -
  Live Cams of Statue of Liberty -

Immigration Across the US:

      Immigration in American Memory from the Library of Congress

     The New Americans - 

        Best History Sites -  

Becoming a Citizen  -
     Naturalization Requirements - 

Books About Immigration:
     Suggested titles -

  Nancy Keane's Immigration book suggestions - 
            Grades 2-4
General -
       Grade 7 -

  Emigration and Immigration -

       Chinese immigrants -

Lesson Plans:

  Coming To America -

    Immigration -
    Immigration printables -

    John Schick's Virtual Ellis Island Museum Lesson Plans

    Mr. Donn's suggested sites -
    Coming to America Lesson Plans -

    The New Americans : Coming to America - Voices of Immigrants from PBS

       Webquests -

    The Immigrant Experience in America

    German Immigrants lesson plan -


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