The Colors of Poetry

Selected poems from the class of 2001

May Lies Monsters Cinquains Diamantes Color Third Eye Rhyming
May Lie Poems 
(Each line begins with "may" and contains a lie) 

May a flower spread ash,
    May a bee pollinate lava,
May a flower's petals be shark teeth,
May you find diamonds in the stems,
May one day your dog take,
    you to the park,
May you catch the stick,
May Funspot be boring,
May a cooling fan blow hot air,
May the sun give off cool drafts,
May the moon produce its own light,
May a cat sing like a whale,
May a seal swim like a worm,
May a cat bark like a seal,
May shoes dance like feet,
May a bed sleep on a person,
May people survive on Pluto, and
May 'may' stand for Maybe.

                 Monster Poems
(Describe a really wild monster)

Butterfly shaped hands with striped streaks
purple kangaroo legs
cheerfully squeeks
daintily hyper
pearly teeth
purple robe with an assortment of letters written all over
candy bellybutton
rainbow tophat with a flower
two sticky-uppy on the top of its head
no tail
16oz Cape Cod Dry soda bottle shoes
no nose
loves candy and dumplings
likes wrapping boxes
no eyebrows
letter-shaped fingernails
Loves to swim



Army Dragon

Breathes fire,
Four sets of wings,
Eight feet high,
90 miles per hour.
He has spikes on his arms and legs.
He has chains in his nose
His tail's green with yellow spots.
He has two heads,
He shoots lightningout of his eye.
His teeth are as sharp as knife blades.
Army dragons come in red and green.
They have existed for 2.8 billion years.
There are exactly 6,000 of them out there.
The oldest an army dragon lived was 857 and the youngest was 113
    and the average was 427 years.



Candy Cane Man
By Abbie

What he looks like:    Tiny square hands and arms
                                   Skinny red and white stripes on the tummy
                                   Bright watermelon head
                                   Short blue bubble gum sticks for hair
                                   Normal sized gumdrops for feet
                                   Three considerable round pink eyes
                                   Enlarged dark purple ruler for legs
                                   Red and orange stripes on the belly button
                                   Lime green teensy circle for a nose
                                   Bright blue square cheeks
                                   Three yellow triangles on each hand
                                   Two very large lemon yellow hearts ears on each side of the head.


By Chelsea

One friendly different-colored head
8-oz water bottle shoes
One long green T-shirt with 18 on the front
Orange body
Tubby and chubby body
Favorite words yep-er-doo, nope-er-doo, and okey-dokey
Loves looking in and playing in boxes
Purple donut shaped birthmark on his leg
Yellow eyebrows
No eyelashes Four small ears
Three pink eyes
One pointy thorn on his head
No nose
One big always smiling mouth
Knee-high striped socks


The Scrumptious Sweet- Tooth Monster

The Scrumptious Sweet- Tooth Monster has:
Hershey Kiss Cranium
Peppermint Smirk
Appealing Rock Candy Torso
Red Licorice limbs
Black Licorice appendages
Green and Blue M&M eyes
Bubble gum feet that blow up into hefty bubbles when he scampers
Snout is made of a bulky scoop of rocky road ice cream that is so cold it will never liquefy
Vibrant Colored Chiclets for his choppers
Tootsie Rolls for eyebrows
In a crown form he has Sweet Tarts for locks of hair
Left Fingers are made of Grape lollipops

Right Fingers are made of Watermelon lollipops
This is one appetizing monster!

By: Kate

The Pedalrayzingthing

by Chris

Has: blue slug eyes,
pointy pencil ears,
wavy green worm arms,
dry, cold, cracked clammy fingers,
a big hot mouth, teeth as dull and weak as a piece of thread,
short, fat, slimy paperclip wings; smelly, pudgy, sweaty red legs,
green bean stubby webbed feet,
ear wax oozing out of his belly button,
a slimy sticky body, Jell-o coated eye brows,
stiff sharp toes,
a two liter soda bottle head,
and a pale stomach that has spikes.


The Pillsbury's Dough Boy's evil twin brother the Hillsbury Dough Boy
He has rotten dough for skin.
Instead of getting poked in the stomach like his brother he gets  punched in the stomach.
Instead of saying "he he he" like his brother, he says "ha ha ha".
He has razor sharp chocolate chip teeth.
He has ratty dreadlocks, is very plump and has gumdrop eyes.
by:  John


Has: Giant blue feet that are twice the size of his chubby, three foot, by five foot frame.
He has no teeth but eats everything by swallowing it whole.
He eats animals twice his size.
Is completely covered by fluorescent green fur (except for his feet)
and wears a black bandana around his head at all times.
He has two red eyes, two arms and never, ever sleeps or closes his eyes.
Has a tattoo of his favorite band on his right arm, "Rage against the teacher".
He has a very, very high voice and enjoys chickens.

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