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Myths, Folk Tales, and Fairy Tales
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MythsFolk Tales - Tall Tales - Drama  - Poetry - Dolch Lists - Spelling - Writing 

World Myths - Fantastic site from Christopher B. Siren

   World Mythology by culture

Folk Tales  and Fairy Tales - Great site from Richard Darsie

Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends, and Myths

American Folktales - suggested ideas

Folk Tales, Legends -

Regional Folklore and Mythology

Writing Folk Tales

Tall Tales:

Tall Tales -
             What is a Tall Tale? Powerpoint Presentations

Writing a tall tale:


Animated Tall Tales

      Tall Tales from Boston's Lee School

      Tall Tale Character descriptions

     Tall Tales Webquest -      
     Davy Crockett Lesson Plan -
Tall Tales and Tricksters -

           Compact for Reading & School-Home Links from DOE
                    Kindergarten -
                    Grade One -
                    Grade Two -
                    Grade Three -
           Improving Adolescent Literacy: Effective Classroom and Intervention Practices from DOE

           Standards for the English Language Arts from NCTE 

          Tips for Faster Reading

          International Children's Digital Library -
          Children's Stories online -

Dolch Basic Word List -

Dolch Sight Word Lists -
Games and Activities -

Dolch Word Flash Cards -



Reader's Theater Editions - scripts online

Team Scripting and script collections

Creative Drama Resources -

The Drama Teacher's Resource Room -  

Dramatic Play Activities -
Improv Games -

Abbott and Costello's Who's On First -

ProTeacher Drama Resources -

Free (or almost free) plays and skits:


Poetry Templates -

Writing Poetry from Regie Routman -

Poetry for Kids - 

How To Teach Poetry, Poetry Theater, and Activities

Rhyming Words Dictionary - type in a word, get a rhyming word, a synonym, or more

Writing Haiku -  a how-to guide -

Poets' Corner and more - large collection of famous poems -  listed alphabetically

Magnetic Poetry - online - click and drag word tiles

Poetry from Pro Teacher - web sites for teaching poetry

Amanda Gorman -

   The Hill We Climb
   Chorus of the Captains


Spelling for Kids and Teachers -

Spelling Resources and Strategies -

Spelling City -

50 commonly misspelled words -
   100 -
   K-4 lists -
   Tips to avoid misspellings -
Spelling Lists and Activities for Grades K-12from edHelper

Fun Brain Spelling - easy to hard tests

Guidelines for Spelling and Six Ways to Practice -


Writing Activities
Lessons for Teaching about Fables, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends, Myths, Tall Tales

Writing Process -

More writing links from Mrs. Mitchell - includes 6 Traits links

Parts of Speech -

Word Invasion game -

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