US Geography - Regions

Stately Knowledge from Internet Public Library
    Information on each state as well as games -
    Chart of Knowledge - capital, city, bird, flower info for each state -

50 - tons of facts about each state -

Postcards from America Gallery -
    Sign up to receive free postcards -

State info plus pictures of state quarters -
US Regional Geography from Enchanted Learning - Maps, quizzes, games, and worksheets for each region

US Geography hot links from Brad Bowerman -

Color Landform Atlas of the United States -   

Regional information about the US -

Quick Facts about states from the U.S. Census Bureau

    Regions -

Regional maps including weather, physical, and capitals

US Geography, States, and Regions - lesson plans from Mr. Donn

Regions of the US -
National Atlas -

Regional Foods Lesson Plan from National Geographic

Making Regional Guidebooks from National Geographic

Regions from National Geographic -

ProTeacher Lesson Plans for the states and regions of the US

Education World Teaching the 5 Themes -scroll down to regions

Thinkquest regional geography questions by region

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