Rocks and Minerals for Kids

Earth Science Week -

        Rock On! incredible science unit with edible rocks recipes
            Lessons -
            Rock Cycle Song -

        Rocks and Minerals from Franklin Institute
How Rocks Are Formed -

             Rock Hounds -

        Rocks For

        Geology - Plate Tectonics, Geologic Time, and Hazards

        Rocks and Minerals Thinkquest for Kids

        GeoMysteries, Timelines, and FAQs

        Rock Cycle - information, experiments and projects
            Old Pages on Rocks


        Layers of the Earth
             ** CNN Layers of the Earth (interactive)

        Types of rocks -

        Types of Minerals - Intro, types, and id for elementary, middle, high school



        Investigating Minerals -

        Geology Field Trips from University of Houston

        Earth Science Lessons for Grades 5-8 - Plate tectonics, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Rocks and Minerals
            More lessons -

            Fun Stuff -

        Detailed Information about Rocks from the University of Kentucky

        Hardness of Minerals and Rocks

        Rocks, Minerals, and Mining from - includes Ask an Expert and other links

        Rocks, Fossils, and Minerals for fourth grade from Canada

        Classroom Materials for Teaching Minerals from Women in Mining

        Earth Science Explorer from Classroom of the Future

        Rocks and Minerals lots of links by Jerrie Cheek from from Kennesaw, Georgia

        Rock Unit of Study from Chesterfield, VA includes objectives, activities, books, cross-
            curricular ideas, links, and much more - (select Grade 4 geology)

        Lesson Plans for Grades 5-8 from the Geological Society of America
            Resources -

        Rocks and Minerals Word Search Puzzles - 

Erupt-A-Word Crossword Puzzle -
                 Other games from the same place -

        Geology Quiz for Kids

        Nebraska Teachers Geology Lesson Plans - elementary, middle, secondary levels

        Teach-nology Rock Lessons - 


        Rock Family Reunion - A Third Grade Introduction to Three Types of Rocks

        Rock Collecting -

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