Science Links for Kids and Teachers

*Animal Tracks                        *Flight                         *Oceans
Astronomy                            *Glaciers                       *Penguins
Balance and Motion                   *Heat
*Bats                                   *Herbs                         *Plants
*Beavers                               *Hot Air Balloons              *Rainforests                 
*Biodiversity                           *Human Body                   *Reptiles
Bubbles                               *Hurricanes                     *Rocks               
Butterflies                            *Insects                        *Science Fair
*Caves                                  *Inventions                    *Seasons                   
Cells                                  *Invertebrates                          *Simple Machines
*Plant/Animal Classification           *Light                          *Snow
*Color Chemistry                      *Liquids                         *Sound
*Dinosaurs                             *Lobsters                       *Tsunamis
Earth Science                        *Magnets                       *Variables
Electricity                            *Matter                        *Water
Energy                               *Microscopes                    *Weather         

 Creative Building Projects

  NH State Science Standards

Sites on the Internet 
    Ask A Scientist:

NASA Ask A Scientist -

UCAR Ask a Scientist -

New Jersey - CIESE -
Mad Scientist -

Scientific American - Ask the Experts -

Newton BBS Ask A Scientist -

Science Whatzit! from Oregon Museum of Science and Industry a scientist
  Whatzit! -

Science Bob answers questions -

Ask a Marine Scientist -

Ask the Space Scientist -

Ask a Geologist -

Ask a Scientist (Earth Science or Climate)

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