To the World of Similes

(Not smilies)
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We've been studying similes. Here are a few we wrote:

1. As friendly as a black Lab (CdN)

2. As fast as a cheetah (SL) 

3. As annoying as a pesky bug (KA)

4. As silly as a clown (KA) 

5. As hot as the Sahara Desert (JV)

6. As musical as a hummingbird (EN)

7. As boring as the Home Shopping Network (SK)

8. As fat as a blown up blue balloon (SaL)

9. As stubborn as an untrained dog (HK)

10. As tall as a Sequoia tree (AL)

11. As pink as a flamingo (AS) 

12. As loud as my brother who is always screaming (CB)

13. As smart as Albert Einstein (EH)

14. As slow as a snail (CM)

15. As white as my great-grandmother's hair (BR)

16. As hot as the sun (JH) 

17. As loony as my sister when she stands on the tire swing at home (DL)

18. As sleepy as a bear (JG) 

19. As fat as the Pentagon (CL)

20. As fierce as a tiger that was asleep in his cage until my brother pulled his tail (HH)

Similes that are Opposites

1. As stealthy as a herd of elephants 

2. As tall as a ballpoint pen

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As exciting and wonderful as the Yankees winning straight championships (Mrs. M)

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