Instruments and Webquests, too

National Weather Service - Gray, ME -
The Weather Channel -
Intellicast -
Weather Underground -
Yahoo Weather site -
Channel 9 WMUR - Manchester -
NH Weather Info from IWIN (Interactive Weather Info Network)

Plymouth State University -
Univ. of Michigan -
Washington Post Weather Post - local and international forecasts

Mount Washington Weather Observatory
Summit of Mount Washington weather

Student's Guide to Weather -

Weather Notebook - (old, but good)weather questions/answers/archives

Weather Pages for Kids:
     NASA -
     Web Weather -
     Play Time for Kids
     Billy and Maria - Coloring Books -
     OAR/NOAA Research for Middle School Kids
     Weather Channel for Kids -
     Weather Wiz Kids -
     Weather sites from The Science Spot - 
     University of Illinois Extension -

Weather Basics from USA Today
      USA Today Weather -           

The GLOBE Program -
          Weather links -

NOAA Weather -  marine, radar, weather maps, aviation -
Another NOAA Weather Page -

US Interactive Climate pages -

GOES Gallery at CIMSS - satellite images
Weather from the Franklin Institute -

WeatherNEX at UMich
- 380 weather sites

Internet Resources for Educators from the Stevens Institute of Technology
  Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education

Bad Meteorology- weather myths debunked

NOAA Education Resources -

Weather from the BBC -


Pictures of different types - Cloud Guide -
Clouds and Precipitation -   
Clouds from Plymouth State University -
Web Weather for Kids includes cloud games -
Carl Wozniak's Clouds page -
Cloudspeak -
Students' Cloud Observations Online (S'COOL) from CERES -
  Cloud charts -
GLOBE Clouds Story Book and lessons -
Language of clouds -


Learn About the Wind -
Forces and Winds -
Clouds R Us Wind Web Page -
The Wind -
Measuring Ocean Winds from Space -
Names of Winds -
Different types by region -
Wind chill chart from NWS -
Wind chill info from NWS -

Wind chill explained with calculator -


    Rain -
Definitions/Types -

       Precipitation Type Applet -

Acid Rain -

     Snow -
    Guide to Snowflakes -
                 Snow booklet -
                 Snow Measurement info -

Hail -


      US Search and Rescue Task Force -
      Melissa's Web Page About Blizzards -
      The Weather Channel and Blizzards -
      Blizzards and Winter Weather from UCAR -
      Particular blizzards -

National Hurricane Center -
WeatherWiz -
Weather Info and Resources from Univ. of Illinois - Hurricanes Online Guide
Hurricane Storm Science from Miami Museum of Science -

 Inside A Hurricane from Miami -
Hurricanes from USAToday -          
                    Glossary - 
The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale -
Hurricane Names 2012-2017 -
Hurricanes from FEMA for Kids -
How Hurricanes Work -
Web sites -


CyberSleuth - Monsoons -
What Is A Monsoon? -
Monsoons -   
Monsoon info from India -
Monsoons from Mr. Dowling -



Scholastic -
FEMA for Kids Tornadoes -
Tornadoes from NOAA -
Weather Wiz -
Sky Diary Kidstorm -
University of Illinois -
Education World -

 Welcome to Tsunami! - Interactive, online, tsunami information

Tsunami Research at USGS -
    Tsunami Videos and Animations -
       Lots of text -
       Mrs. Mitchell's page -

Make Weather Instruments:

Making Weather Instruments from Miami Science Museum
Making Weather Instruments from Project Atmosphere Australia
Make Your own Weather Station  -
Making Weather Instruments - scroll to bottom of page
Making Weather Instruments for use in class -

    Wonderful World of Weather Project -  
Making Weather Instruments -
Skywatchers - Make Your Own Instruments - Canadian site with metric measures

Teacher Pages and WEBQUESTS 

Weather in Literature for Kids -

Classroom of the Future - Weather Or Not?

 Lessons for Weather -

Weather Lessons from Montgomery County, VA 

Weather Unit from UIUC

GLOBE - Cloud Exploration and Quiz

Cloud Cover and Cloud Types from GLOBE
    Cloud Protocols -
    Cloud ID -
    Cloud Lessons and Activities -

Weather Webquest - Grade 4 - roleplaying and a weather broadcast

Weather Webquests - from The Teacher's Corner

Hurricanes from Scholastic -    

Hurricane Virtual Field Trip -

Tornado Webquests -


Weather Unit Webquest for 5th grade - 
    water cycle, clouds, climate,and spreadsheets plus an online exam

Bay Kids' Weather Page from Thinkquest Jr.

Mrs. Clime's Weather Webquest - middle school - comparing forecasts/actual weather

Clouds for Teachers -

Exploratorium websites for teachers -

Snow Comparisons and Conversions -

Weather Lesson Plans from CoCoRaHS -

READY for Kids - disaster preparedness -


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