Energy for Kids

               Energy - Solar Energy - Wind - Geothermal - Biomass - Hydro - For Teachers


EERE Kids Saving Energy

Energy Ant and DOE

Basic Elements - Fuel for the Future - Thinkquest

Alliant Energy Kids

Energy Facts and Information (thanks to Sarah W.)

Energy Primer from NSTA

EnergyQuest from California

Energy Questions and Answers from Explorit

Energy vs. Power from the Exploratorium

Renewable Energy Activities for Grades 6-8

Energy Hotlists from the Franklin Institute -

The Secret Lives of Energy -

Animating Energy Online -




Solar Radiation Basics from EERE

Alliant Energy for Kids -

Plans for Solar Cookers
The Solar Cooking Archive

Solar Energy Education for Kids of All Ages

Materials that Absorb Solar Energy
from ReachOut Michigan

Solar Experiments:

    Solar Energy Experiment

    Solar S'Mores -
    The Solar Apple Baker

    Solar Hot Dog Cooker -

    Sun Star Solar Cooker -
    Build a Simple Sundial -

      Northern Hemisphere template

Principles of Solar Box Cooking -

    Watts on Schools Activities -

    Build a Solar Water Heater -

    Fun With the Sun  Grades K-2 -

    Solar Energy education -

    Harnessing Sunlight from Affordable Lamps and thanks to Barbara H.


DOE Wind -


Energy Quest -

Wind Energy -

Wind Power from NGS -

National Renewable Energy Laboratory -

Alliant Energy for Kids -

From Windmills to Whirligigs -




Geothermal Energy Facts - Intro and Advanced -
EnergyQuest -
National Renewable Energy Laboratory -

Geothermal Energy from NGS -

Alliant Energy for Kids -

Energy4Me -





Alliant Energy for Kids -

National Renewable Energy Laboratory -

Mr. Darvill's page -


EnergyQuest - hydro power


DOE Hydroelectric -
Ocean Power -

EnergyQuest - ocean power -  

EERE - Ocean Power -

Alliant Energy for Kids -

For Teachers:

Energy Puzzles and Games from EnergyQuest -

Energy Lesson Plans from the Alliance to Save Energy

EnergyNet Community Web

Energy Lessons from Science Netlinks

Energy Education and Training from EERE

Forms of Energy activities by grade level

Solar Science Curriculum Model from Tucson, AZ

Solar Matters:
  Grades K-2 -
  Grades 3-5 -

  Grades 6-8 -
Understanding Solar Energy
Grades 9-12 -

Wind Energy hotlist from the Franklin Institute

Potential and Kinetic Energy Experiment with marbles Grades 4+

The Energy Game - Print out the game board and follow the rules

Watt's That? Energy Games


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